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Quality Morrinsville Contractors

P&M Quality Painters is the experienced painting contracting solution in Morrinsville. For over 12 years, P&M Quality Painters have been painting and retouching work all over the area, ensuring the highest quality work at the most affordable prices. P&M Quality Painters is the name you can trust. 

Our expertise is wide and thorough. P&M Quality Painters are able to ensure your job is done with quality from preparation to final coat, no matter if the work is interior or exterior, brush application or airless spray, repainting or new work. We wouldn’t put quality in our name if it wasn’t what we stood for. 

Experienced Painting and Paperhanging

Since 2003, P&M Quality Painters have been painting Morrinsville every colour under the New Zealand sun. Our P&M Quality Painters team is a family operated business. Our team of 7 can ensure your job is done to the quality Morrinsville has come to expect from the P&M Quality Painters name, whether it’s a paint job, wall papering, or decoration. 

P&M Quality Painters puts quality on your walls. We stand behind each of our jobs, ensuring it’s done right from preparation to final coat. The difference is clear when the job is done.  Contact us today to find out how easy it is to make your next decorating or painting job a P&M Quality Painters job. 

Contact us today 07 889 3132 or on 027 251 9589
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